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This chess course is intended for beginners who are fresh to the game. The fundamentals & basics are introduced over a course of 3 months to allow the student to meet with the outcomes. At the end of the beginners course, every student should be able to play a complete game without any illegal moves, and have a basic sense of strategical thinking & approach towards Chess. A sense of decision making & calculation technique’s are also learned.

Each class has an individual program and depends on the previous knowledge of the kids and their ages. 

Subject List (1 Subject)

  • 1. Chess-0 Saturday 2:15-3:00
    To register: Select your classes and e-mail the class list together with the registration form to before August 1. Your registration is valid only when we receive your check with payment to: Language Link Center, P.O. Box 1422, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Course Teacher (1 Teacher)

Olga Cherkasova

Olga Cherkasova

Russian lang, theater, chess teacher

Language Link Center


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