Theater "Teremok" for 4-6 y.o.

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Theater classes encourage better listening and communication skills, fine & gross motor development, verbal memory, social skills and more. 

 Our students will be introduced to the act of play and utilizing their imaginations in the classroom as a team. Once they have become familiar with a story as a group, they will choose costumes and props to give life to each tale and use them to make the characters tangible. This class is perfect for students' first steps towards becoming comfortable and confident in public speaking & stage presence. The class will also learn very basic theatre terms & stage direction.  We provide a space for little ones express themselves – all while building a positive association with music, learning and socializing. 

Subject List (1 Subject)

  • 1. Theater-Teremok for 4-5 y.o. Saturday 11:35-12:20 PM
    To register: Select your classes and e-mail the class list together with the registration form to before August 1. Your registration is valid only when we receive your check with payment to: Language Link Center, P.O. Box 1422, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Course Teacher (1 Teacher)

Marina Lapina

Marina Lapina

Music teacher

Language Link Center


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